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The RV lifestyle is one of family fun and relaxation. Once you have chosen the RV that is right for you and your family, our goal is to find the easiest and quickest way to help you pay for it so that you can sit back, relax and plan your next RV vacation.

Can Am RV’s Finance Managers will help you do just that. Experience and training enable our staff to get banks to compete for your business. As the commercial says, “When banks compete, you win!”.

Financing through our Dealership also gives our clients many benefits that they may not find at a bank branch. We have finance terms that enable us to find you the best and most affordable payments without attaching your loan to other personal assets. If you are purchasing an RV you need specially tailored RV Financing. It’s just that simple!

Once you have decided on the payment that best suits your budget, we will also assist you with some benefits that will protect you and your RV and actually save you money. Without any pressure, you will receive information on personal insurance products that pay out your loan in specific circumstances.  You will also receive information on RV protection products that help keep your vehicle looking great and reduce your long term maintenance costs.

While we completely believe in the benefits of these products, the choice is 100% yours. We can even package them to give you the best value for your dollar. Can Am RV Business Managers are here to help.  If you can’t reach us during normal business hours we will always make special appointments at the office.

Credit Application

Start the process now. Simply download, print, fill out and fax in your completed application to (204) 895-3519 (Attention: Finance Manager) and we will get in touch with you the next business day.


Credit Application